An innovative approach to gather feedback from your visitors!

One of the challenges for each and every wine estate is to know who their customers are, and what they think of their wines and their experience of their visit to the estate. Winery managers need to better understand wine purchasing behavior, tasting room experiences, and consumer preferences.

Where do your visitors come from? How did they hear about you? Which wine did they prefer?

Can you keep in touch? What additional feedback can you get?

Find out what your visitors really think and use that information to create a better customer experience.

table-talker-and-bottle-qr-codeWith the impact social media has had on multiple businesses, it is essential to understand your customer’s experience and be able to nip any negativity in the bud. Your customers’ experience of your wine estate can have a powerful effect on your reputation, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Most estates rely on a paper based form that they collect, and then try and do something with this, means asking people to fill out comment cards in the tasting room, or getting them to answer and mail back paper surveys. Even if you managed to get some completed forms back, some poor person at the winery then has to go through them and tally the results–that’s if they could even read respondents’ handwriting.! Chances are, the survey forms sit in a pile on someone’s desk for a few weeks before being shuffled to another stack and forgotten.

The paper based system is cumbersome and outdated. It is time to switch to a mobile solution that will give you actionable insights in real time.

Surveway is providing wineries with the opportunity to access a customer satisfaction survey. Collecting feedback from customers is a great way to gain valuable information and learn how to enhance your winery. Especially in tasting rooms, it’s important to understand customer preferences. Using knowledge like this improves customer relationships and promotes brand loyalty.

The Surveway system gathers data and information via a QR code and their own on a generic table talker, but with your own unique QR code.

The QR code leads your visitor to a survey and a wine trivia quiz. The point is to let your visitor give you feedback and have fun doing it. The result is that when they complete the survey and get at least 50% of the answers correct they get their wine tasting for free. Surveway will see to it that an automated “sms” is sent back to their phone letting them know the positive result. Your customer would show this to your tasting assistant for validation.

The cost is R500 per month* per tasting room for the all the data collected, feedback, graphs and charts which can be mailed automatically to you at your preferred time. The cost of the table talkers is for your own account, but you are welcome to use our design attached.

Go to: to give you an idea of one of our survey/wine quizzes.


If you would like to get your tasting room involved please contact us and we will send you all the information to get going. or call 011 568-0982