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Vouchers on product packaging win out. Shoppers are also old school, with nearly a third of people claiming that they would prefer to receive money off their next purchase vouchers on the product packaging itself. Less than 7% of people chose mobile text message as their preferred means of delivery, but this rises to nearly 12% among 18-24 year olds. It suggests there is an opportunity for brands to develop a viable method of mobile voucher delivery in what is a growth area.

Shopper behaviour has changed as a result of a number of factors, chiefly a tough economic climate and the advent of digital. As a result, brands have had to adapt their behaviour to meet their shifting demands, striving to stand out from competition while staying relevant and innovative. what shoppers want in a promotion – honesty, relevance and value “over a third of respondents say that promotions are more likely to make them buy a product.”

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Fresh food and health and beauty are the biggest attraction When it comes to the most popular product categories for participation in sales promotions, fresh food ranked highest among more than a fifth of respondents. Health and beauty/ toiletries were close second, while bakery proved the least popular, attracting less than a tenth of consumers.

Parents love a promotion While parents were more likely to have taken part in a sales promotion than non-parents, the difference was most marked in entering a brand’s free prize draw (over 72% versus 66%); and collecting vouchers for a free gift from a brand (67% versus 59%). Parents were also marginally more likely to buy a particular product if it had an offer or promotion printed on the packaging, at 38% versus 34%. Have you ever taken part in a sales promotion (i.e. something you see on a pack, in store, or online to drive your interest and purchase) through the following ways? Entered a free prize draw offered by a brand Collected vouchers for a free gift from a brand Purchased a product offering a free gift Parents who answered yes Non parents who answered yes 72% of parents are attracted to brands’ free prize draws, compared to 67% of non-parents

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