Surveway helps you turn your CX targets into KPIs

Food retailers operate in a fast-paced industry where the customer experience is crucial, so the operations need to run to the highest of standards. There are countless tasks to look after, many of which directly contribute to the customer’s shopping experience.

Surveway is a powerful turnkey solution for transforming grocery store CX targets into actionable KPIs. The easy-to-use feedback terminals and powerful reporting tools make Surveway the leading South African solution for collecting customer feedback in heavy footfall environments.

In the chain environment, Surveway provides vital information for all levels of management, and the insights gathered will help everyone to make better decisions in improving both the customer experience and store operations.

Measure satisfaction at each point-of-experience

Produce Department

Is the produce fresh and up to standard? Are the display units fully stocked?


Is the variety of items enough?

Plus, you can measure other areas like:

Employee satisfaction | Exit | Washrooms | Store layout | and more!

Transform your service experience with customer satisfaction data

Test, validate, and deploy new concepts

Surveway is the perfect tool for measuring how change management projects are going, and validating the effect of changes made in the store

Keep track of CX trends across the chain

Achieve high customer satisfaction levels in every store of the chain. Comparing satisfaction results between different locations helps you to discover and introduce best practices

Manage your operations more efficiently

Improve and optimize operations, such as staffing and break planning. Plus, using Surveway as an employee satisfaction tool helps you detect underlying internal issues affecting customer experience

Increase satisfaction across all business areas

Visit your business sector to learn about improving the customer and employee experience!

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