How Surveways Customer Experience Management solutions will positively impact your business

Most organisations recognize that the voice of the customer (VoC) and employee is critical to its success. Tough economies, global markets, and on-the-fence loyalties have made it harder than ever to get and keep people committed to your business. But building a comprehensive feedback program isn’t easy. It involves complex challenges, such as collecting customer and employee feedback in real time across multiple channels and tailoring reports for diverse internal audiences. Nothing can erase these challenges completely, but the right set of tools can help overcome them. That’s where Surveway can help.


All businesses, notwithstanding magnitude or market are challenged with the demands of increasingly knowledgeable customers; rapidly changing customer expectations and attracting and retaining talent in an increasingly global competitive business environment where multichannel stakeholder communications exists. Traditional feedback channels have changed, forcing organisations to either adapt or stay behind.

How do you listen to and respond to all customer “conversations”, retain customers by understanding satisfaction drivers, identify profitable business opportunities and prioritise investments, deliver better value to customers compared to competitors, streamline operational processes and reduce costs and leverage on loyal and customers?

The Kinetica solution is a flexible, multi-channel software platform which collects, analyses and transforms Customer Experience Management into structured insights that include in-depth reporting and analytics tools. By tapping into this real-time feedback, you can see across your organisation exactly where to target resources, cut costs, and respond to people’s real needs and desires. In touch with your world Key Features and Benefi­ts Real-time feedback opportunities The ability to provide your customers continuous real-time feedback opportunities.


Robust reporting and analytics interpret feedback in the context of your business objectives Real time feedback alerts automatically highlight dissatisfi­ed customers that require immediate resolution Complex surveys and audits made easy Follow the user friendly step-by-step wizard that takes you through the process of creating a survey or audit


We help to analyse results and provide guidance to develop campaign strategies and customer experience management improvement initiatives.