QR code recipesWhilst this was developed in Japan in 1994, and were used all over in the later 2000’s –, in subways, packaging, POS, clothing and many more, applications, the use of the QR code slowly died off, but have recently seen a huge resurgence. On a recent study on Millennial brand engagement, it shows millennials are eager to engage with QR code technology, as they enjoy being entertained and interacting with conventional and emerging immersive technologies. There is no doubt the concept behind QR codes is brilliant, and as consumers demand more interactive experiences, future packaging endeavors will strive to be more innovative, going beyond visual appeal to packaging immersed with multimedia information.



But what about the mass market? 67% of phones in South Africa are not smart phones, therefore the QR code won’t work for them? An easy to use alternative to the QR code is to make use of our own link to use in a browser:  easycode.com/yourbrand.

easycode.com/yourbrand – is a simple way with quick access for anyone to access your brand information on pack, no smartphone required or QR reader, just download into your browser. In fact place this on all your POS!

Surveway QR Code

QR codes certainly sparked marketers’ interest in interactive packaging, particularly as the codes are fairly inexpensive to implement. One thing that is evident is that consumers must perceive an incentive to take the necessary steps to scan the QR code and answer the brand’s call-to-action. Therefore, a brand must ensure it is strategic when applying this technology, such as adding value, free airtime, digital coupons vouchers, product information and usage and effectively helping the consumer understand the product better. This is a great platform to educate the consumer about your product, also show other products in the range.


It’s time the packaging industry fully embrace the technology!

Brand marketers understand packaging is an important step in fostering interaction between the brand and its consumers. Therefore, incorporating electronic measures that go beyond the typical means of engaging customers would seem like an effective tool. However, there are limitations of space and design requirements on packaging labels. Often, attempting to include a QR code along with the standard UPC code is excessive.

On a positive note, QR codes require minimal effort on the consumer’s end to experience a product before making a purchase—given they have a QR scanner downloaded on their phone, if they don’t we offer the use of our own “easycode.com/yourbrand” which any phone can access.

If you are unsure how to get started with this for your brands or services, and would like to know more, please contact us on 011568-0982, or email us christine@surveway.com for guidance on how to get started.