How is your brand performing in the mass market? Do you know if you have stock on the shelf? What is your competitor doing in this market?

How well is your product being distributed?

Speak to the experts with over 50 years of in-depth knowledge in this market.

Gather insights and intelligence with a tailor made survey reporting solution for our field surveyors to interview Spaza shop owners, traders, consumers, wholesalers, Shebeens, Shisanyamas, Salons and liquor outlets.

If you have your own field surveyors for this market, then our tailor made survey will give you the mobile real time business tool to get valuable insights into this market, which can help you grow your business with your own clients, and give you cutting edge data and intelligence to keep you above your competitors.

We can offer the following:

Place your product for Cash Van Sales with a total of 14 vans operating on a National basis reaching 5600 stores per month.

Placement of POS at stores, such as wash-line banners, shelf talkers, posters and ABS posters.

Category Research Audit,

Household Sampling

Report back information – fully detailed reports, face to face meetings.

Stock issues at wholesalers

If you would like further information please contact us; or call 011 367 0608