If you run a retail business, soliciting customer feedback is a great way to improve your business and address any mistakes that bother customers.

Get a better idea of what customers really think by asking for shopper feedback – the Surveway online retail customer feedback survey makes it easy. Do customers think your prices are fair? Are the employees helpful? Is it easy to find parking? Use the survey results to make changes that could improve the shopping experience for your customers. Each survey is custom designed for your business.

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Gain total control of key areas of your business:

  • Get real time customer feedback through multiple channels
  • Compare satisfaction levels across business units to identify under-performing locations
  • Add a mobile call-to-action element to your marketing campaigns to attract new business
  • Monitor the results and rectify problems with service, staff and products before it impacts your revenue
  • Automate operational processes like facilities audits and Health & Safety inspections to reduce costs of data collection and analysis
  • Communicate with dissatisfied customers to address complaints before they influence others

All through a single enterprise level platform, ensuring the right people have access to the right information and in the format they require.