Benefits of customer satisfaction surveys for restaurants

Restaurants should be the model organisation for customer satisfaction surveys. After every meal, the waiter or waitress asks at least once or twice whether or not the food was good, so the feedback they receive can play a significant role in future meals. The problem is that the feedback is usually biased, because no one likes to tell the waiter their honest thoughts. Diners want to eat their meal in peace and be left alone, and not be pressurised.

Surveys can be conducted on-line, on a 7 or 10-inch tablet, housed in a bill presentation box presented at the end of the service. You can have a “table talker” tent card with a QR code or our own URL – on your tables to initiate immediate feedback whilst the dining experience is taking place; another idea is to have this within your menu.
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This flexible platform is designed according to your brand’s communication style and level of customer engagement.

Instant alert system

Survey Response Instant Alert

When someone responds negatively to a survey question, you can be instantly alerted via “sms” or email. This allows you to be more proactive and address problems before they’re all over social media.

An automated message is sent directly back to the customer.

Listening to your customers and reacting to what they have to say, is key to running a successful business. Research tells us that an unresolved negative customer experience will lead to a loss in future revenue, so addressing a customer complaint timeously and in the appropriate manner is of critical importance.

The Surveway Kinetica platform, including the customised TxtandTell customer experience measurement solution, is able to provide real time enterprise level solutions to manage a number of feedback and key operational processes within the organisation.

Gain total control of key areas of your business: Dinner

  • Get real time customer feedback through multiple channels
  • Compare satisfaction levels across business units to identify under-performing locations
  • Add a mobile call-to-action element to your marketing campaigns to attract new business
  • Monitor the results and rectify problems with service, staff and products before it impacts your revenue
  • Automate operational processes like facilities audits and Health & Safety inspections to reduce costs of data collection and analysis
  • Communicate with dissatisfied customers to address complaints before they influence others

All through a single enterprise level platform, ensuring the right people have access to the right information and in the format they require.