Integrate with your hospital admission process

Surveway can be integrated with your admission system to completely automate the survey process. Once the systems are integrated, surveys become effortless. When the patient checks out, the survey is sent automatically. What used to take months now takes minutes.

Surveway’s enterprise level solutions, including the customised TxtandTell real time customer experience measurement solution, can improve management of some of the key operational processes in healthcare organisations, ensuring you maximise revenue while minimising operational costs.

Listening to your customers and reacting in real time to what they’re telling you, is a key component in improving levels of service throughout the organisation. And by combining this with other operational insight solutions measuring compliance to defined standards, you’re able to ensure every aspect of the organisation is performing at optimal levels.

Medical Centres

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Forget filling in forms! Capture all your visitors detailed information in one safe place to be stored on our Kinetica platform. Real time data and insights can be gained from all the relevant information needed and gathered about your visitors before they even see their doctor. Cut down on paper, time and admin staff.