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We can assist in-store, out-store, mass market with Brand Ambassadors, or just supply the survey to your own activation company.
One of the best ways to listen to the all-important voice of the consumer, is by implementing customer satisfaction surveys.
It gives companies the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their customers themselves and their changing needs and perceptions.

For insights on brands, use our on pack QR codes or, this can identify opportunities for new products by using a customer satisfaction survey to see what expectations aren’t met by existing choices. With our affiliates, we can link any on-pack survey to a coupon, voucher or air-time, all in REAL TIME.

What is


Users who do not have a QR code reader on their phone, can make use of to access the brand survey/how to use the  product/Facebook/competition or designated landing page.

Call to Action methodology draws consumers in to take the survey by incentivising them with rewards or special offers.

Ideal to use for all communication on Point of Sale, magazines, brand packaging,  provides a quick and easy way to access any promotion or survey.

Get important feedback and make informed product decisions.

The great thing about surveys is that you can gain insights on just about anything related to your product and business, get feedback and develop successful marketing strategies.


Existing products and services.

Get feedback on your product that’s currently on the market with a basic on pack survey linked to a reward. Learn what customers like and dislike, and what updates you can make to improve the experience for current customers and attract new customers. Understand your customer base by sending a customer loyalty survey to gain insights on the competition or a net promoter score questionnaire to discover where you stand. No matter the business or product, there are insights your customers are just waiting to share.