Ambi-Pure teamRetail promotions can form a significant part of the overall marketing spend for a product or brand. In many instances reliable feedback to measure the ROI for these promotions is difficult to gather. This is because the implementation of the promotions is often outsourced to promotional or activation companies who use paper based promotional evaluation forms to provide the feedback.

The Surveway Promotional Evaluation solution simplifies this process through providing a single electronic platform for your own and outsourced staff to evaluate each and every promotion using standard cell phones, smart phones, tablets or any other internet connected device. This means the results of the promotions are available in real time and not subject to the delays of promoters faxing forms through to a central point for electronic capture and subsequent analysis and reporting.

Customised reports can be configured for different users and distributed automatically by email.

Evaluation questions can be promotion specific and measured against a pre-determined set of criteria to indicate how well the promotion was implemented, or to develop a promotional compliance scorecard. Brand owners are also able to see how the promotional plan is being implemented in real-time through the web reporting interface, and initiate any changes to the mechanics on a timely basis.


∎ Collect real-time data and business insight

∎ Allows for better performance management and decision making

∎ immediately react to exceptions reported

∎ Increased efficiency in collecting data

∎ Improved quality and access to historic data

∎ Reduce costs associated with data collection

∎ User friendly, easy to implement and manage surveys

∎ No additional investment in hardware

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