1. Executive Summary:

In operation since 2001, Renew-it Auto Body Repairers is the largest independent group of qualified auto body specialists in the Southern Hemisphere. They are known for industry-leading facilities, state-of-the-art repair, panel beating and paint equipment, manufacturer-trained artisans, approvals from major manufacturers and inclusion on all insurer panels.  In South Africa they have a large network of 11 branches strategically located throughout South Africa.

Renew-It Auto uses real time customer feedback developed and implemented by Surveway, to decrease customer response time and build a national average performance benchmark. In the highly competitive auto body repair business, Renew-It strives to consistently deliver world-class customer service and continuously find ways to further improve the customers’ experience.

  1. Challenges

With the relative ease of moving to a competitor, the need to retain existing customers and build brand loyalty is critical for Renew-Its success. It is especially important to immediately identify customers who are dissatisfied with one or other aspect of their experience with Renew-It, and rapidly attempt to address their concerns if at all possible. As Renew-It caters to all sectors of the market, the lifetime value of each customer is substantial and every effort is made to retain customers.

        a) The Need for a Solution

Original methodology used for compiling customer feedback, was a reply card. The effectiveness of this existing method to capture and immediately respond to customer issues was very poor and the overall response rate very low.

           bThe Decision Process

After being introduced to the Surveway Customer Experience Measurement Solution, the forward-thinking service management team realised the potential of the system to instantly capture and provide real time customer feedback using its custom designed desktop units comprising a tablet on the service receptionist desk, where each client was asked to complete the live survey before receiving their car keys.

  1. How the Service Helped

It provided the ability to immediately act on negative feedback and address customers concerns. Renew-It realised that this would resolve many of the shortcomings of the reply card process and enable the group to further differentiate themselves from competitors.

          a) The Implementation

A real-time customer satisfaction campaign was launched in June 2016 and has been in operation since then. The campaign is ongoing and forms a core part of Renew-Its customer satisfaction initiatives.

          b) The Solution in Action

Twelve survey questions were based on representing critical issues related to a customer’s experience. A simple YES/NO response to each question or a rating from 0-10 was deemed as adequate to identify service delivery issues and initiate follow up action.  Responses with negative ratings have enabled Renew-It to obtain quantitative information regarding areas requiring attention. This includes both overall issues that must be addressed at a corporate level such as improving certain processes, procedures, etc., as well as issues at specific branches.

The most significant benefit has been the total surprise and positive reaction of customers when, after submitting a negative response, were immediately contacted by a manager to address their issues. In almost every case, customers who had indicated that they would not again repair their vehicle from Renew-It were converted into repeat customers.

Management reports were produced immediately and could be viewed on the secure website, including:

  • Response counts by branch, region and total
  • Negative feedback, daily, weekly, monthly and total
  • Negative feedback by branch, region and total
  • Negative response spread by question
  1. Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Renew-It Auto Body Repairers Marketing Director Clifford Joffe – “Surveway has enabled us to instantly react to dissatisfied customers and address their issues. This has greatly assisted our customer retention and satisfaction initiatives.  All the campaign objectives are being met and the overall performance of the Surveway system is extremely positive”.

  • The system is providing an additional channel to communicate with customers and help build relationships
  • The system has proven to be very effective and extremely cost efficient for obtaining instant customer feedback.
  • Renew-It are able to respond immediately to dissatisfied customers to address their concerns thereby supporting customer retention initiatives
  • Immediate notification of branch, regional and head office management ensures full visibility of customer issues
  • Quantitative results are obtained for customer satisfaction measurements
  • Underperforming branches can be identified which enables Renew-It management to take corrective action
  • Branch managers are immediately notified of dissatisfied customers and can take appropriate steps to address the issues and prevent recurrences
  • Branch managers can compare their performance with that of the national average in an objective manner and identify areas for improvement
  • Renew-It is being seen to be an innovator in a very competitive market.


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