The Power of Quality Feedback

With a busy world and time being precious, we frown on extra workload, including giving feedback, yet with the use of smiley faces makes feedback effective as it is quick and easy for anyone to respond.

Immediate response

Pads are linked to each manager’s handset using Telegram, the message group informs managers when customers press a poor service button. They intervene and implement service recovery, informing other managers what steps were taken for customer satisfaction.

Customers can communicate when help is required, alerting your staff in good time when customers require assistance or have had a negative experience.


Service Offering

Feedback pads with smiley face icons indicate if customers are happy or not. They are placed at various touch points in your store.

Our unique ‘smiley’ based feedback terminals is non-threatening, easy and convenient for customers or patrons to provide feedback on their service experience.


Our locally manufactured feedback terminals are suitable for many applications, for any business that is customer service focused, such as Retail, hotels, restaurants and healthcare etc

These terminals are accessed directly by customers without staff member assistance, creating an environment conducive to honest and open feedback.

Feedback data can be used for statistical purposes or making it possible to immediately dispatch service managers to assist customers.


Improve your performance and business by measuring your customers and employees happiness, requiring you to listen and gather on the spot or online feedback.