It has been proven that productivity can increase by 21%, when a mobile sales system is put into place. That’s the equivalent of an extra sales person in a team of five.

We also know that the top 25% of sales people (by the number of sales visits made) make twice as many calls as the bottom 25%

Unsurprisingly, when the bottom 25% are shown their performance data, 80% make an improvement.

The revelation of how sales people actually spend their time paves the way for management based on facts, not myths and excuses. This gives front line managers a specific agenda for training and coaching, all in all inspiring your sales team for greater productivity.

There are many “sales force” tools out there, and a lot of them can be off putting to a sales team, with resistance to use the tool,  so a tailor made solution for YOUR team is what is needed. We can help you gain insights and increase your bottom line by having the right system in place that is made for your needs only at a price that won’t scare you away.

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