Manager Call Pad with Survey




Give  your  customers  the opportunity to let specific department staff members or management know when requiring assistance at a key customer touch-point.



*Free Up Staff

*Instant Alerts


*Increase Basket Spend

Why Call?

Pads ( with smiley face buttons)  can be strategically placed at various customer touch points throughout the store such

as department counters, high value cabinets, change rooms, product advise areas, among others.


The pads can notify relevant staff via a smartphone chat app, indicator pads located at a central point, or an alert buzzer in the vicinity of the call pad.

The chat group alerts managers/supervisors when a service call escalates, when a manager is called for assistance, and when either a service call or manager call has been dealt with.

Call for Service with Survey     

Call for Manager with Survey 

Service Call Pad 

Manager Call Pad 






Technical Specifications:

  • Battery powered wireless device
  • 868mHz wireless frequency
  • Connects to a DCS (Data Collection Server)
  • Uses 2x  AAA  batteries
  • 2 Year plus battery life


  • With or without survey
  • Table or wall mount
  • Available in black or white
  • Custom branding available
  • Cancel button on rear or by active manager tag

Call for Service Analytics

Grow your business and achieve  great  customer service.

Our reports offer an easy way to measure key staff performance areas.


                                                              Web  Dashboard Reporting


Smiley Face Feedback Pads

What can analytics do for you?

Get valuable key performance call statistics via our web dashboard or in your inbox as frequently as required. Our cloud-based automated system will keep you up to date with metrics that matter.


Compare and monitor response times, identify areas of your business that need special customer service focus!

Accurate consistent reporting gives you the upper hand.

Call Alerts:

Instant call alerts give your team the opportunity to assist

customers in need, and to stay connected to the sales floor.

The responding team member can assist and provide feedback

about the customers requirements and how they were dealt with, keeping all team members informed. This efficient customer

Service excellence will ultimately improve your customer and staff experience alike, and improve your bottom line.