Customer Feedback terminal buttons

With Surveway, collect feedback in real time, and be able to react immediately to any issues arising in the bathrooms such as no toilet paper, no soap, needs cleaning, something broken, which will improve your business performance,

Make service quality and customer satisfaction a priority by ensuring the bathrooms are in the right condition for users at all times.

Smiley face feedback device

How was my service?

With the simplicity of the IoT smart device smiley face buttons, you can get feedback from employees, customers and just about in any situation where quick, non-threatening instant feedback is required.

Simplicity and performance

  • Communicates on to IoT network
    (Internet of Things) requiring no wire, no Wi-Fi, nor 3/4G
  • Up to 2 years battery life

  • Buttons without moving parts for improved hygiene and record durability

  • Data security, end-to-end encryption

  • Several installations possible- wall, counter, shelves

  • Ready to use and pre-configured for direct installation

Smiley feedback device