In FMCG organisations, the competitive landscape is continually changing and brand owners now require more accurate and timely data to support strategic decision making processes. Whether it’s data about your consumers, suppliers, competitors or about the execution of your marketing strategies, you need to be more in touch now with what’s happening around you, than ever before.

Surveway offers a range of real time electronic solutions to manage customer experience throughout the organisation, mobilise your sales force, manage the execution of channel marketing strategies at the point of purchase and automate other data collection processes that are typically managed using off-line paper based solutions.

mobile phoneBenefits

Mobilise your reps with mobile based sales force automation solutions

Measure the execution of channel marketing strategies at the point of purchase

Measure and manage promotional execution and compliance

Get real time customer and consumer feedback through multiple channels

Monitor results and rectify problems with service, staff and products before it impacts your revenue

Add mobile call-to-action elements to your marketing campaigns

Automate operational processes managed off line, to reduce costs of data collection and analysis

All through a single enterprise level platform, ensuring the right people have access to the right information and in the format they require.






      Areas of application

  • Customer experience management
  • Employee feedback
  • Consumer engagement tools
  • Sales force automation tools
  • Audit and operational compliance
  • Mystery / secret shopper programs
  • Field service management

As web and mobile solutions, we are able to offer valuable real time insight and analysis capabilities and ensure feedback and data collected is managed in the most efficient and effective way.

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