A mobile solution offering incident management within our framework for capturing, recording, and reporting on all types of incidents. Our flexibility of design allows us to deploy it in a variety of forms to fulfill most mobile incident logging requirements. It has three components, a front end capture application, a back end website that provides the real time information as it is a captured by your end users, complete with highlighted notifications, automated workflows, images, alerts and even automated “sms” or email notifications.

Features: The front end (mobile) application captures the following data natively:

  • The user details
  • The users Location
  • The type of incident categories you have defined in a drop down menu
  • A list feature that can be used or populated with for example locations, building names, complex names, products, construction sites, clubs etc.
  • Product or building owners, licence inspectors, representatives in the field can be associated with the list feature.                                                                      Contact Surveway for more information on 011 367 0608