In The Moment Feedback: TxtandTell

TxtandTell is a real-time customer experience (CX) measurement, service recovery and mobile marketing solution. It enables customers to provide quick in the moment feedback using their cell phones, tablets or PC’s. The system supports multiple customer feedback channels including text messaging, mobile web via url’s or QR codes, email and social media (Twitter).


TxtandTell enables any customer to provide quick in the moment feedback about their current experience. This helps to identify likes and dislikes, needs and wants and any problems or requests.

Feedback typically includes 3 to 4 questions plus comments or comments only. Results are available immediately and can be forwarded to responsible managers by email or text message so that quick action can be taken. Detailed reporting is available via a secure web portal for further analysis.

Performance comparisons can be made across different units and issue tracking and workflow tools ensure efficient service recovery where any negative feedback was received. Using the mobile marketing tools you’re also able to engage more frequently with your customers, build opted-in rewards programs to encourage repeat visits and add a new mobile element to your marketing campaigns.

TxtandTell is ideally suited to collecting feedback and engaging with customers in dining, service or retail environments. In industries where services are outsourced or multiple decentralized business units exist, effective customer feedback solutions are critical to monitoring and improving the quality of product and levels of service being delivered.

Call-to-action marketing materials

Key to getting feedback is to deploy eye-catching call-to-action materials in each location. Examples include point-of-sale cards, posters, napkin holder inserts and table tents. These contain simple step-by-step instructions on how to submit a response, as well as details on prizes or coupons offered. As an alternative, instructions can be printed on the POS receipt.

An incentive can be added to encourage feedback and TxtandTell supports a fully automated, flexible prize drawing and coupon engine.

Comment Moderation and digital signage

Customers love to see what others have to say. TxtandTell provides a comment moderation and display capability whereby selected comments can be shown on digital signage. The system generates a configurable web page with unique URL for each location. This web page can be displayed directly on smart TV’s or via a Content Management System (CMS).

Designated staff can respond personally to all feedback received by text message or email and also post both the customers comments and their own responses to the overhead digital screens. This is a great way to share information, communicate and engage your customers. Other images and videos can also be displayed on the screens such as menus, special offers or promotions.

Reporting and management

All customer feedback and communication is stored on cloud based servers in data centers. Through a secure website, a comprehensive range of reporting capabilities is provided to enable ongoing analysis of all levels of customer interaction. A customer satisfaction index (CSI) can be created for customer feedback and CSI scores measured and tracked over time. In the case of multi-location locations and organizations, web reporting can be configured according to user access levels.

The system includes the ability to schedule and send summary reports on a weekly or monthly basis to users with the need to access the portal.

Mobile Promotions and coupons

The TxtandTell mobile marketing platform allows for text messages including mobile coupons, to be integrated into your marketing communication plans. You can send out regular text messages to your opt-in database with special offers and promotions – encouraging guests to visit again and invite their friends. You can also attract new business by including a mobile call-to-action in all your marketing and advertising campaigns e.g. text-to-join, text-to-win, text-for-a-coupon.

Instant alerts – Immediate action

In today’s environment, customers expect immediate attention and action. TxtandTell has flexible alerting capabilities whereby responsible personnel can be alerted by email and /or text message whenever feedback is received without having to log into a web portal. This enables them to take quick action to resolve problems, turn a negative experience into a positive outcome and build brand loyalty and advocacy.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and loyalty programs

TxtandTell captures your customer’s cell phone number and/or email address and allows them to opt-in to your outbound marketing campaigns. The CRM and loyalty programs build a database that enables you to better understand your customers and in doing so, target communication to them that is relevant and can positively influence their behaviour.