strengthen customer connection
Do you wonder how to build and strengthen your connections’ to get greater results and get closer to your clients? Now is the time to consider: How can you make a stronger connection with your customers? What emotions do you want to evoke? What can you do differently to provide the kind of service that doesn’t just fill a need or an order, but inspires trust…that motivates customers to return, tell others and become advocates for your brand?


  1. Put the customer at the forefront of everything you do

Your success has as much to do with attitude as aptitude—what’s in our hearts, not just our heads. Our success depends on how much our team member’s care for their customers, for each other, and their communities; it is the most important difference between a great company and a good one.

Every time you serve a customer, do you ask;” If I were the customer in this situation, how would this experience feel for me? Did the transaction feel simple and easy? Did my issue get resolved quickly? Did the team member accept responsibility for making sure I got what I needed?”

  1. Get closer to customers’ emotionality

The more your associates can understand your customers’ experience, along with their feelings and expectations, the better they can serve them. And, “getting close to customers’ emotionality requires empathy,”

Empathy is even more crucial when dealing with complaints, where emotionality is even stronger. “Yet most companies and their representatives look at complaints from their own points of view,” and “responses are frequently ‘canned’. When this happens, the negative emotion will be reinforced.” . Getting customer feedback is crucial.

  1. Listen, Really Listen

Do you regularly listen and respond to your customers?  Do you truly understand their concerns and needs; what’s behind the surface? Really listening helps customers feel welcome, comfortable and important in every interaction, whether it’s a phone call, face-to-face, email, chat or through a customer survey.

  1. Demonstrate Respect

What can you do to respond in a way that demonstrates understanding and respect, and creates a stronger connection with your customers? Do you deliver on your promises in a timely way? When things go wrong, do you go out of your way to apologize and fix the issue fast? When you implement a customer survey and gain valuable feedback, you can interact with your customer at a more personal and deeper level.


Customer expectations are rising, creating more pressure for organizations to ramp up their service delivery
so, how would you describe your current connections? In other words, how does your organization make customers feel? Do they feel secure, content; perhaps even special?

Now is the time to implement better service in your business. If you are unsure how this applies to your unique situation or how to get started, please drop me a line and I will be happy to share some further guidance with you, call 011 568-0982