Know your customer, and your customer will know your brand!

Sales and marketing executives need the ability to create unique insights gained from consumers about their brand and then quickly leverage them into action. We build engaging, entertaining surveys, reports and quizzes, giving you the opportunity to get closer to your customer and get deep data on your brand.

Surveways cloud-based Kinetika platform gives you the opportunity to manage feedback and operational processes within your organisation. It also gives you essential customer information to assist in improving the customer experience. For Promotions, events and activations this works like a dream.

You can use a QR (we supply) code and our own web based address: which we create for you on your brand with an engaging  fun quiz or survey  to get immediate feedback. All of this is tailor-made to fit in your environment and brand.

There is no longer a need to employ people with clipboards to do your surveys for you.  We can provide trained field workers hand-picked to match your company or brand to do that for you, our digital solutions make data capture and analysis simpler.

mobile and pc reports

We provide a real-time solution for measuring customer satisfaction.  No extra work is needed – your customer does the data capture for you. You can use PC, iPad or tablet or at your premises with a tablet housed in an enclosure and branded on your counter. What’s more, you get an insight to your customers’ likes and dislikes, and you can adjust your marketing accordingly.

sms alerts to management

The customer gets an automated message sent directly to them and management receives a “sms” alert should a negative response be given, where a trigger is built into the system making dealing with the feedback received quick and efficient.

Each of Surveway’s online surveys are made to fit in with your business objectives. For a monthly fee, we will collect and collate the data from each survey, and you can access this essential information from the “back end” at any time.

Let us custom design your survey/report with your brand’s specific communication style in mind. For prompt personal service, and to find out more, please inbox or call : Christine on 011 367 0608 or 0844 777717- this should be your next business call!


Let Surveway help you to grow your brand and keep your customers coming back.