Driving to the office today I saw a delivery van with a QR code on the bottom of the driver’s door. Hmmm, no one is going to scan a moving vehicle, so don’t waste your time marketing like this. Another bad use of a QR code seen frequently is on a billboard, once again a driver will not be able to scan the QR code, (and its dangerous) so don’t bother.

QR codes are back in fashion and now being used quite widely across many different platforms:  for show tickets, boarding passes, paying for a meal and of course giving customer feedback. Some stores are using them on their shop window to give potential clients an opportunity to see what is inside the store, and to give out their specials to entice customers inside.

13  Good to Great places to use a QR code you didn’t think of !:

1. Luggage Tags – By adding a dynamic QR code to your luggage tag, you can easily update your contact information and leave instructions for anyone finding your luggage in the event it got lost or went missing. The QR code works along the same lines as #11 (emergency contact ) below, only you’d want to make sure the QR code was laminated so it wouldn’t get torn or damaged in the course of travel.

If your luggage contained valuables, you could even update your QR code to let anyone finding it know that there was a reward for its safe return. That’s a very cool tool!

2. On your product packaging– invite your consumers to scan and give you feedback- an inexpensive way to conduct research, and have an “in the moment” interaction with your consumers.

3. On your instore banners– If you are putting up instore communication, use a portion of the space to ask for feedback, or to enter a competition by using a QR code.

4. Any POS – If you are running a promotion no doubt you have a lot of POS, so ensure you have a QR code on all of your POS.

5. Within your ad in a magazine– I have noticed a big uptake on advertisers using their ad space to incorporate a QR code – a good idea!

6.Your company stand at an Expo – You may be busy talking to customers, so a good way to give out information is to have a QR code for passers-by to scan, this way you don’t miss any opportunities.

7. Printed on your business card– Very popular now, most business people are “au Fait” with this.

8. Your shop window– Sometimes shoppers may just want to find out a few things before entering your store, so let them scan a code and have some really useful info behind the QR code – this way you can entice the potential buyers to come inside.

9. On a Take-Away box – A consumer has “your box-packaging” in their hands for at least half an hour – you can generate “interaction” and ask for feedback – a very inexpensive way to conduct “in the moment feedback”

10. On a table talker or poster in a restaurant– Get feedback, this is so important to measure your success and NPS ( ask me about this – Net Promoter Score) – if you want to know how this could work go to: easycode.com/doppios

11. Emergency Info -Moms will love this one! You know how you leave a list of important numbers and contacts on the refrigerator door for your housekeeper? Well, go ahead and leave that list, but add a scannable QR code to it. Here’s why, chances are your babysitter/housekeeper has a smartphone. Scanning the code will take her directly to the list of emergency contact numbers you’ve left her and all she has to do is tap the number to be connected. (Maybe show her how first!) Just a quicker way to access the numbers.

12. Moving House – About 18 months ago when we moved out of our Cape Town house we put all our stuff into storage. What we did was to give each box a name and list all the items in the box. Next we printed out a QR code for that box and stuck it on the box. The items in the boxes are searchable and you can even add a location for the box. In my case, I would have been easily able to locate the items that I have in storage just by searching from my computer or my phone instead of going to the storage unit and digging through boxes each time I needed to find something that’s packed away.

13. Neck Tag – Use this method to hang a tag around your bottle/can/product – use in conjunction with a money off coupon ( I can help with this) or linked to a competition- this gives a better response rate, and is an inexpensive way to gather feedback. check out: easycode.com/glade

Getting customer feedback using a QR code ( linked to a unique URL which we provide) is an inexpensive way to gather data and insights. Our team at Surveway specialize in this area for our clients.

If you want to find out how this “old fashioned”, but re-invented technology can work for your business or brand, please call me for further info and advice.

Let me know of any new and unique ideas you have found- ? I would love to hear – Thanks, and lets connect!

Warm regards – Christine Cuningham-Myers – Surveway +27(11) 568 0982

Scanning a QR code