How often have you been at a restaurant and been asked “how is the meal?” – if it was bad you would like to let them know it was not too good, but what people usually do, is just say “it was fine”  with a tight smile and not say anymore. The reason people usually do this, is so as to not upset the waiter or manager.   Then they decide they just won’t go back again.

restaurantThis is a problem for the restaurant owner, because they did not get your true opinion! Basically the restaurant has now been fired, without a written warning!

Imagine that when your bill was presented to you, at the same time your credit card is going through the machine, whilst you gaze off into thin air,  you were presented with a 7 inch tablet/iPad  and asked to complete a customer survey – just a short one, just whilst your credit card it being verified – then you could tell the whole truth without hurting anyone’s feelings, without feeling a “complainer”  and also knowing that this feedback is going to the head office or to the” cloud” for review, and not into the bin!

Another idea is to have a table talker with a QR code on your table for the diners to interact and give instant feedback.

black steer


If you were given a piece of paper to fill out for a customer survey, same thing, you could tell the whole truth, but perhaps when the waiter or store manager saw the bad review, they could  make a decision to just throw that away!

Unbiased and accurate feedback is important to any business in order to improve and increase the customer experience. Unfortunately, feedback has become associated with complaints and many patrons do not have a way to offer meaningful feedback that could be used to improve the customer experience. Customers and clients see a business through different eyes to the staff and manager, and could be the greatest asset in helping the business improvement process. But only if they are offered a meaningful and ‘safe’ way of offering the feedback. It is therefore imperative for management to implement such a method.

easycodeIf you are in any sort of retail business and feedback is important to you, but you don’t know how to get started, drop us a line, and we will be more than happy to share more information with you – or call 011 568-0982