We are a Johannesburg based survey/feedback solutions company that can supply any type of customer/employee or business survey to any industry. Our work is done mainly in South Africa, but we can assist worldwide. All products are made locally in South Africa, which means much more competitive pricing.
With the latest technologies in RFID, IoT “Smart” devices and smiley face buttons, we are able to offer the best in class for any business.
Our software platform is mature, and has all the latest bells and whistles required for today’s environment.
Should clients require a 360 solution where hardware needs to be bought, a survey configured with our software and set up onto a tablet, we are able to do it all, and offer personal service.
With our technology and marketing expertise we can assist companies to grow their businesses with campaigns and solutions that work!

What We Do

Surveway offers a 360 degree solution, and is a leader in customer experience (CX) solutions which help organizations capture, analyse, and act on information in real-time – anytime, anywhere. We not only provide all tailor made surveys, but can supply the tablets and casings for them to go into, whether a desk top kiosk or full stand, we can supply everything. Surveway’s  solutions put the right information in the right hands at the right time. In doing so, organizations can monitor and achieve first class customer service levels, enhance the customer experience, reduce costs and liability, generate revenue and gain a competitive advantage.

Our Vision

Surveway’s  vision is to be the number one supplier of “in the moment” feedback solutions for all industries along with a full 360 degree service offering, from sourcing the correct tablet, tablet kiosk and design along with the right custom designed “real time” survey or report for all types of feedback.

Our Footprint

Surveway with their partners,  have offices in the USA, UK and South Africa to manage and support customers world-wide.

Software survey, analytics and reporting platform

Our platform “Kinetica”  was started in 2003 when mobile technologies were in their infancy – text messaging was just emerging as a new communications channel, smart phones did not yet exist, social media platforms were unknown and high speed mobile data capabilities to view the web or video was unheard of.

Our software partners were the first company globally to launch a service whereby customers could provide in- the- moment feedback about their experience by text message with real time reporting and alerts. Our solutions are quick to deploy.

Underpinned by Our Values

Dedication to every client’s success

Service that exceeds expectations

Innovation that matters, for your company and for the world

Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships