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Client Testimonials

We are truly excited about using this new instant feedback program. It is a new way to engage with our students, allowing us to react faster.

Mark McLaughlin, Executive director, SFU Ancillary Services

Touchwork has enabled us to instantly react to dissatisfied customers and address their issues. This has greatly assisted our customer retention and satisfaction initiatives.

Bev Vorster, Budget Car Rental

With Touchwork we can perform quantitative customer satisfaction surveys while still instantly reacting to dissatisfied customers.

George Uriesi, General Manager, Cape Town International Airport

Since using Touchwork, our customer experiences are now managed pro-actively and objectively.

James Daniels, Manager, Business development unit at SANParks

We (AUNDE South Africa) implemented the Touchwork solution in order to effectively control the maintenance of our assets. It is user friendly which lends itself to shop floor acceptance. The fact that the information viewed is ‘real time’ allows for ease of management.

Stuart Naysmith, AUNDE South Africa