5 reasons why customer feedback is important in restaurants & coffee shops

You may not realise it, but customer satisfaction surveys are a necessary tool to make your restaurant or coffee shop more profitable. Measuring customer satisfaction should be one of your top priorities, if for no other reason than to remain competitive in a climate where demand for restaurant meals has remained relatively flat in South Africa and [...]

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84% of people trust a recommendation by a family member or friend

  On the other hand, they also trust a bad report too, and tell many more people! In every business particularly in South Africa, you need to know what your customers are saying about your service, your brand, your business. I find it strange that in the hospitality industry so many restaurants truly don’t seem [...]

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Give your opinion on your dining experience

How often have you been at a restaurant and been asked “how is the meal?” – if it was bad you would like to let them know it was not too good, but what people usually do, is just say “it was fine”  with a tight smile and not say anymore. The reason people usually [...]

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The Voice of the Customer

How Surveways Customer Experience Management solutions will positively impact your business Most organisations recognize that the voice of the customer (VoC) and employee is critical to its success. Tough economies, global markets, and on-the-fence loyalties have made it harder than ever to get and keep people committed to your business. But building a comprehensive feedback [...]

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