Turn your CX targets into KPIs

Surveway helps you turn your CX targets into KPIs Food retailers operate in a fast-paced industry where the customer experience is crucial, so the operations need to run to the highest of standards. There are countless tasks to look after, many of which directly contribute to the customer’s shopping experience. Surveway is a powerful turnkey [...]

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Quick, customer feedback that is non-threatening

The Power of Quality Feedback With a busy world and time being precious, we frown on extra workload, including giving feedback, yet with the use of smiley faces makes feedback effective as it is quick and easy for anyone to respond. Immediate response Pads are linked to each manager’s handset using Telegram, the message group [...]

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Why do you need Text Analytics?

Understanding your customers is the foundation of any successful customer experience management program. Text analytics provides an in-depth look into what your customers are saying, in their own words. Text analytics is the process of drawing meaning out of written communication. In a customer experience context, text analytics means examining text that was written by, [...]

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Do you know what your “Service Results” look like?

Companies that do not have a customer feedback system, are working in the dark. You need to know daily what your customers are saying about you, and the simplest way to get instant feedback is by using “smiley face feedback pads” Smiley Face Feedback Pads These show results from one client in their [...]

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