10 Reasons to use In-Pack, On-Pack, and IRC Coupons

   Ever wonder why manufacturers offer coupons? In-pack coupons, on-pack coupons, and Instantly Redeemable Coupons (IRC's) give a manufacturer tremendous power:   PRODUCT PURCHASE File this one under "duh!" Consumers like to save money, and they like value. Offer them an attractive incentive, they will accept. Coupons sell product. INCREASE PURCHASES PER PERIOD Coupons cause [...]

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The Resurgence of The QR Code

Whilst this was developed in Japan in 1994, and were used all over in the later 2000’s –, in subways, packaging, POS, clothing and many more, applications, the use of the QR code slowly died off, but have recently seen a huge resurgence. On a recent study on Millennial brand engagement, it shows millennials are [...]

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Why redemption rates hold the secret to ROI

In 1992, Hoover famously promised free airline tickets to customers buying more than £100 worth of its products. Unfortunately, the company had not anticipated the extent of the – huge – demand. The oversight cost Hoover a reported £50m and its British division was sold soon after. Why understanding redemption is key to success Sales [...]

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Now a member of The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack South Africa is a” MARKETING, ADVERTISING and COMMUNICATIONS Group. Each Wolf is a MASTER in their respective discipline and contributes to the pack in a way that benefits all aspects of communication, successfully activating and GROWING the brands we have the privilege and HONOUR of working with. We understand BRAND COMMUNICATION – [...]

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On-pack promotions: How to stand out without discounting

How can FMCG brands differentiate themselves from the competition without lowering prices? Catching consumers’ attention in supermarkets is an ongoing challenge for FMCG brands. While promoting on price, with offers such as ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘25% off’, can boost sales, it rarely engenders brand loyalty, and can ultimately devalue the brand.  Yet [...]

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