5 Ways to screen customer feedback before acting on it

Gathering customer feedback is an important step in optimising the service delivery of your business. But this feedback needs to be analysed, pre-processed and cleaned up before you attempt to draw any meaningful conclusions. The first step is to weed out feedback that is aspirational, hypothetical and based on third party statements. After this initial [...]

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Why bother with a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customer satisfaction surveys help companies measure satisfaction, identify unhappy customers and find potential advocates. For most companies, customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects. Firstly, they help focus employees on the importance of fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations. Secondly, when satisfaction ratings dip, they warn of potential problems that can affect future revenue. Customer satisfaction metrics assist with [...]

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Get to know your customer better- and get closer to your brand

Know your customer, and your customer will know your brand! Sales and marketing executives need the ability to create unique insights gained from consumers about their brand and then quickly leverage them into action. We build engaging, entertaining surveys, reports and quizzes, giving you the opportunity to get closer to your customer and get deep [...]

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5 reasons why customer feedback is important in restaurants & coffee shops

You may not realise it, but customer satisfaction surveys are a necessary tool to make your restaurant or coffee shop more profitable. Measuring customer satisfaction should be one of your top priorities, if for no other reason than to remain competitive in a climate where demand for restaurant meals has remained relatively flat in South Africa and [...]

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The price of not listening is high

What is the cost to you for poor customer service? “You learn when you listen. You earn when you listen—not just money, but respect.” —Harvey Mackay You can have an exceptional product, however, if you fail to consider how it fits the needs and requirements of your customers you will lose your business. Not listening [...]

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The Purpose of QR Codes

No matter how or where companies advertise, QR Codes aren't that far away. Why is that? Learn about the impact of QR Codes on mobile marketing and why businesses love using them to reach a wide range of their target audience. WHAT THIS ARTICLE COVERS: How and when did QR Codes become so widespread? How [...]

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10 Reasons to use In-Pack, On-Pack, and IRC Coupons

   Ever wonder why manufacturers offer coupons? In-pack coupons, on-pack coupons, and Instantly Redeemable Coupons (IRC's) give a manufacturer tremendous power:   PRODUCT PURCHASE File this one under "duh!" Consumers like to save money, and they like value. Offer them an attractive incentive, they will accept. Coupons sell product. INCREASE PURCHASES PER PERIOD Coupons cause [...]

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Why Focus on Making Emotional Connections with your Customers?

       Did you know that most think that customers make buying decisions with a rational approach, analysing details like features and financials? Not true. Over 50% of an experience is based on emotions. All buyers are influenced by their emotions. They just may not realise it. How customers care about your products/services may [...]

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How can I strengthen my customer connections?

  Do you wonder how to build and strengthen your connections’ to get greater results and get closer to your clients? Now is the time to consider: How can you make a stronger connection with your customers? What emotions do you want to evoke? What can you do differently to provide the kind of service [...]

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