What Shoppers want-2016 Savvy Cynics latest!

What Shoppers want- 2016 savvy cynics latest !   CONSUMER PROMOTIONS: WHAT SHOPPERS THINK IN 2016 Vouchers on product packaging win out. Shoppers are also old school, with nearly a third of people claiming that they would prefer to receive money off their next purchase vouchers on the product packaging itself. Less than 7% of [...]

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How would you rate South Africa with a NPS?

The customer loyalty and satisfaction measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS), established by Bain & Company in 2003, is an evaluation tool designed by Fred Reichheld, a partner in the company. It is a one-question survey, which evaluates how an organisation treats the people whose lives it affects. It measures the state of the company, [...]

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The Voice of the Customer

How Surveways Customer Experience Management solutions will positively impact your business Most organisations recognize that the voice of the customer (VoC) and employee is critical to its success. Tough economies, global markets, and on-the-fence loyalties have made it harder than ever to get and keep people committed to your business. But building a comprehensive feedback [...]

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Instore promotions that can give valuable feedback

In FMCG organisations, the competitive landscape is continually changing and brand owners now require more accurate and timely data to support strategic decision making processes. Whether it’s data about your consumers, suppliers, competitors or about the execution of your marketing strategies, you need to be more in touch now with what’s happening around you, than [...]

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Are ‘bad’ customers really ‘good’ customers?

Bill Gates said “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” This makes sense to me, however, we shouldn’t discount the happy customer as a source of learning as well -I can see a lot of sense in this statement and I know where he is coming from. If we give our disgruntled [...]

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We Want Your Feedback (Well, Not Really)

We recently read this priceless article which was published in "Customer Think". The article hits the nail on the head and really does make us wonder what some companies are doing, treating their customers like this. What do you do when a company asks for your opinion… and then refuses to let you voice it? A [...]

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