Send targeted proximity advertisements & promotions in your retail store.

Personalize and target your shopper’s in-store needs in unique and delightful ways using our beacon marketing channel.

With in-store beacon technology, give a gentle nudge to customers with targeted offers and information about new products, related to their past interests – at the right time.

With  beacons and  the Surveway platform, this proximity targeting is not restricted to a brand app. Retail marketers can broadcast location targeted promotions and deals without an app.

A customer walks into your store, eyes glued to their phone. Barely acknowledging the employee’s greeting, they wander through the store briefly before leaving without making a purchase. This is common in retail. Consumers are distracted, and it is hard to get their attention. That’s where smart beacons can change the store’s interaction with the customer, making the experience better for both.


What is a Beacon

A beacon is a small, inexpensive device that emits a low-energy Bluetooth signal. The devices are about the size of a sticker and can be placed almost anywhere within a store. It sends out a transmission that interacts with the store’s app, allowing for better proximity marketing and a more personalized customer experience. Macy’s used the technology to offer discounts and rewards, as well as make recommendations — a personalization common in some online shopping, but less so in department stores. Resulting in a better experience for the shopper.

The benefits of beacons

Consider the constant stream of traffic passing by your store every day. Traditionally, you would put up a sale sign in the window and some people would notice it and come inside if they had time. More people might have attended the sale, but they might not have seen the sign. That usually leads to buying an ad, depending on budget, probably in a newspaper. This might increase traffic, but it depends on people reading the ad and remembering to come in the day of the sale. This is where beacons and proximity marketing change the game. You can still do all the marketing you did before, but now there is a better way to reach the people who are near your location.

People hardly ever put down their phone — 90% of text messages are read within three minutes. Having your app push a notification to a customer’s phone when they are near your store has enormous potential. In a recent study, 73% of shoppers who received a beacon message said it increased the likelihood of them making a purchase and 61% said they would visit the store more often. Customers want that experience.

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