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A 360 degree Customer Feedback Solution

An elegant solution for all Retail outlets Some of our clients require more than their real time survey or reporting business tool, so we have tied up strong relationships with two top suppliers located around South Africa enabling us to offer the full 360 solution – a real time survey with full back up of [...]

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Real-time feedback keeps you focused

We’ve got the tools to help you measure, monitor and manage your customers experiences in real-time. Our technology is so simple and easy to use, you’ll probably wonder how you ever managed without it. Simply place feedback pads at customer touch points, and let your customers tell you what they think of your service delivery. [...]

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Smiley Face Surveys

A choice of smiley faces gives the respondent a quick and easy way to rate your service, track issues and give you feedback. By making it really simple for your customers to respond you can improve customer satisfaction, increase profitablity and grow your customer loyalty. REPORTING AND ANALYTICS Get to the Heart of the Matter with our Smart Feedback Reporting Capture [...]

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Instant customer feedback pads

Our unique ‘smiley’ face feedback terminals make it easy, convenient and non-threatening for customers or patrons to give feedback on their service experience. Our locally manufactured feedback terminals are suitable for a variety of applications, such as retail outlets, supermarkets, government departments, hotels, restaurants, large employers, healthcare, facilities management and just about any business that [...]

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If objects could talk, what would they say?

We, at Surveway are giving a voice and a life to the physical world. Ultimately, everything around us will be able to have a voice. With the continued miniaturization of sensors and technological advancements such as energy harvesting, we will witness a continuous flow of data, merging the physical world to the digital world. Our [...]

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The Internet of Things- IoT

Data – it’s being created all the time from devices, applications and their users. Because its digital its measurable, but what about information offline in the physical world there is actionable offline data just waiting to be discovered, and with devices that can capture and convert and send the newly discovered data, businesses in any [...]

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Why Your Customers Aren’t Telling You What They Really Think

If you have very few complaints, you must be doing something right, yes? Well, not exactly. Studies show that only about half of customers make their grievances known, with about 90% of those complaints made to frontline employees who may not be positioned to fix the issue. Other studies suggest that for every customer who complains, there [...]

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6 Ways to Get Customer Feedback on Grab ‘n Go Items

6 Ways to Get Customer Feedback on Grab ‘n Go Items No matter what you sell or what type of service you provide on campus / canteen / restaurant / take-away your customer’s feedback is essential to better selling and better service. However, getting feedback in a swift “Grab ‘n Go” setting does not provide [...]

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