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5 Ways to screen customer feedback before acting on it

Gathering customer feedback is an important step in optimising the service delivery of your business. But this feedback needs to be analysed, pre-processed and cleaned up before you attempt to draw any meaningful conclusions. The first step is to weed out feedback that is aspirational, hypothetical and based on third party statements. After this initial [...]

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7 Steps to Improve Employee Engagement

There’s no doubt about it: When employees are engaged at work, they are significantly happier and more motivated—and it shows in their performance. In recent years, employee engagement has become a hot topic for many organizations battling high turnover rates and new employee expectations. However, despite acknowledging engagement as a priority, many organizations still have [...]

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Turn your CX targets into KPIs

Surveway helps you turn your CX targets into KPIs Food retailers operate in a fast-paced industry where the customer experience is crucial, so the operations need to run to the highest of standards. There are countless tasks to look after, many of which directly contribute to the customer’s shopping experience. Surveway is a powerful turnkey [...]

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What response rate can I expect to my client survey?

Would you like to know what a good response rate is to your customer satisfaction survey is? There is an absolutely bulletproof method for calculating the exact response rate which is best for your survey, and your business. To make this calculation work, you might have to let go of some assumptions you may hold dear, for instance: If [...]

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How can IoT smart devices save you money?

Ai and IoT are new “buzz” words and working their way into our daily lives. Smart devices have become cheaper and save a huge amount of money for projects at the end of the day. For example- when the PWC building was being built, at Waterfall Park, the concrete was poured daily for 18 months, [...]

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Call for Service

  Manager Call Pad with Survey       Give  your  customers  the opportunity to let specific department staff members or management know when requiring assistance at a key customer touch-point.     *Free Up Staff *Instant Alerts *Faster Response *Increase Basket Spend Why Call? Pads ( with smiley face buttons)  can be strategically placed at various customer [...]

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How to deal with a ” bad service ” rating

  When dealing with a customer that has rated  service  poorly  (using  a  Surveway  customer  feedback pad), and you are faced with  responses  like  “It  was  my  child”,  “I  never  pressed  poor,  I  was  just testing  to  see  that  it  works...”, and  the  possibility  that  staff  are  tampering  with  the  pads,   it   is important  to [...]

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