The Surveway Difference

“Surveway is in the “customer experience and customer feedback” business. We custom design mobile “real-time”  surveys and reports with our software for each client in any industry and any department. Whether collection is via mobile, iPad, PC, tablet, Kiosk, feedback retail pad, “smiley face” touch screen,  and more!  all collected in real-time, to help businesses gain insights that are actionable, and  increase their bottom line.”

Data integrity, Analytics, and Content Marketing programs that are hard hitting and pack a punch!

camera-iconImage capture
– Whether its photos for inspecting equipment, or of an activation, or tracking an elephant do it instantly!

penSignature capture
– Easily grab a signature and never miss signing an order

No need to worry, we have the math built in

Know where your team members or equipment are at any given moment

Live information all the time, in real time.

Our services offer companies the ability to create unique insights and then quickly leverage them into action. We build engaging, entertaining surveys, reports and quizzes. For FMCG brands, we offer a on-pack QR code and our own URL for obtaining real-time consumer feedback enabling companies to act on insights and improve their marketing objectives.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your business Surveway can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. If you are an agency and need to have flexibility of having multiple brands and logos on one account, Surveway is perfect for you. Rest assured that whatever your needs and requirements are, our software can be scaled and customised to suit you.

A  hands on team, who work with you and give you personal attention. Should training be required for Brand Ambassadors or any member of your team,  we do that for you, and from concept to the end results, we hold your hand all the way!

We are a passionate  group of people, with our expertise in IT,  Marketing,  Advertising, Research  and the Activations industry.

Surveway’s software solution puts the right information in the right hands at the right time. In doing so, organisations can achieve first class field service management performance, enhance products, customer experience, processes, and workforce performance; reduce costs and liability; generate revenue and gain a competitive advantage. All done with our software, which can provide tailor made surveys and reports in real time.


With our mobile actionable intelligence solutions and value-added services we help organisations worldwide capture, analyse, and act on information in real-time – anytime, anywhere.  Fun and educational surveys can be designed, we can add quizzes and create questions with eye-catching artwork for the backgrounds which helps to gather more response, therefore more intelligent data for you.

Whilst Surveway is located with its head office in Johannesburg South Africa, we can work with any company worldwide.

Countries outside of South Africa working with us, find that their Dollar, Pound and Euro gives them far more value than working in their own countries.

Surveway is  an active member of the Wolf Pack South Africa, SA’s first & leading Brand Behavioral Agency, specializing in Brand Marketing, Advertising & Communications. With ‘wolf’ specialists in all disciplines, we are able to offer your Brand a full 360 degree service from concept, to execution, to collation of Brand insights.

Surveway is the Premier appointed sales arm for Touchwork, a global Cape Town based software company who are our software partners.

Reporting and management


All problem reports are stored on cloud based servers in data centers. Through a secure website, a comprehensive range of reporting capabilities is provided to enable ongoing analysis of all levels of customer interaction.

The system includes the ability to schedule and send summary reports on a weekly or monthly basis to users with the need to access the portal.

Our Platform

Collect and translate data through our Surveway Kinetica platform. It’s a flexible, multi-channel software solution that creates structured insights to direct your brand- in real time, anytime, anywhere- via mobile, PC, iPad, Web, email or SMS

What we do

We offer bespoke solutions for all industries, with real time reporting and surveys customised for your personal needs  and offer personalised attention on an on-going basis.


Our full 360 degree solution means that we can offer not only the survey tool, but  also the tablets and housing, plus installation.

Secure tablet enclosures can be economically installed virtually anyplace required to support the needs of employees and customers.hospitality

Each day, more businesses turn to secure iPad setups to improve efficiency, helping them compete in today’s market. By offering a wide variety of simple and cost efficient options, our enclosures has helped businesses install hundreds of iPad systems across the nation in schools, restaurants, retail shops, hotels, airports, hospitals and more. Small business owners have used secure tablet systems for restaurant menus, wait-list solutions, inventory management systems, employee time-cards, customer email tracking, digital signage, exportable reports and much more.

Should you require an activation or field research in any market, we have the right staff available through our partnership with The Wolf Pack.

We can integrate with any of your systems to ensure a seamless flow of business information reaching the right source at the right time.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business improve with our value added services.

Christine Cuningham  – Sales and Marketing Director 

Mobile: +27 (0) 84 4777717

Office: +27 (0) 11 568-0982

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