Get the answers you need- with feedback you can act on!

Surveway’s success in the market lies with the most advanced devices and software available in South Africa with full end-to-end management.

Customer survey

Our goal is to be the largest and most innovative supplier of Customer Feedback systems to business in Southern Africa and beyond. We want as many feedback data points as possible so we can address current issues in real time, and plan ways to improve. This feedback solution being supplied to the end user in both an on-line and off-line mode.

From online surveys, web surveys, kiosk surveys, smiley face instant feedback devices, 5 question instant feedback devices and more.

With Sigfox, Thingstream, Lorawan and NBIoT we offer the latest technology and most cost effective way to reach your customers and improve your business.

Our advanced text analytical reporting will enable you to make smarter decisions, faster!

Ask the right questions

Ask The Right Questions

We expertly design and create your surveys for any platform so that you get the right feedback you need.

Customer Feedback Surveys.

Target the right people

Target The Right People 

Our wide variety of channels allows you to effortlessly reach any segment of the population that you are targeting.

 Customer Feedback Surveys.

In depth insights & analytics

In Depth Insights And Analytics

Giving you actionable insights from our expertly created surveys, to help you improve your bottom line and make more informed decisions about your business or brand.


Customer feedback is vital as it provides your business with insight that you can use to improve your business, products and/or overall customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Are your customers happy with your service? Are they enjoying the best customer experience when visiting your business. Our innovative Surveys and real time feedback will determine exactly how your customers feel about your products and services!

Happy Employees

Happy employees = Peak productivity. Find out vital information about your employees to ensure that they are happy and are always performing at their peak.

Market Research

How is  your product or service performing against your competitors? What feedback do you have? Increase your market share through advanced data analytics that makes your decision making process a breeze!

Brand Performance

Get the edge over your competitors with in-depth brand performance analytics. Take your brand to the next level with our advanced decision matrix solutions.


  • We can help improve a product or service

    Listening to your customers is the only way to guarantee you create a product or service that they actually want to buy. Customer feedback surveys are commonly used throughout the product development process to ensure that the end product is something that solves a customer’s problem or fulfils a need.

  • Surveway offers the best way to measure customer satisfaction

    Measuring customer satisfaction helps you determine whether your product or service meets or surpasses customer expectations. Customer feedback surveys help you measure customer satisfaction.

  • We provide actionable insight to create a better customer experience

    Improving the customer experience should be the primary reason you gather customer feedback. The process of winning new business and retaining existing customers is getting harder and harder. Offering an amazing experience that keeps your customers coming back and referring their friends to you is the best way you can stand out from your competition. Our customer feedback surveys help you achieve this objective.

  • Surveway can help improve customer retention

    Customer feedback offers a direct line of communication with your customer so you can determine if they are not happy with the product or service you are delivering before you lose their business. A happy customer is a retained customer.

  • Surveway delivers tangible data that can be used to make better business decisions

    The best business decisions are based off data, not hunches. Too many times business owners and marketers make big calls based off inaccurate data. Customer feedback is the holy grail of tangible data. You can gather real insight into how your customers really feel about the product or service you deliver.

  • Our surveys and feedback can be used to identify customer advocates

    Customer advocates are your best marketing campaigns. They offer tremendous value at very little cost. We identify your advocates to build stronger, mutually-beneficial relationships.


We develop cutting edge solutions customized to your specific needs. Taking advantage of the latest SMART  technology IoT, and digital platforms, we ensure that your requirements are always “state of the art” and deliver according to your expectations.

Want to find out more? Please drop us a line, and we will get back to you straight away or call 011 367 0608


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