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Surveway is in the “customer experience and customer feedback” business.

We custom design mobile surveys and reports with our software for each client in any industry and any department. Data is collected on mobile, iPad, tablets,  PC’s, Kiosks, “smiley face” touch screens, retail feedback pads, and more….  all in real-time, to help businesses gain insights that are actionable, and potentially increase their bottom line. 

Business Solutions – Integration

Do you want to make more confident, data-driven decisions? Do you need better analytical tools that can help with data visualisation, dashboards, and reporting?

Data, Analytics, and Content Marketing programs that pack a one, two, three punch. Our services offer sales and marketing executives the ability to create unique insights and then quickly leverage them into action. We build engaging mobile entertaining surveys, reports and quizzes.
In a world where it costs 5-7 times more to acquire new customers than retain them, and where it costs companies thousands every time they lose a customer… it’s becoming more and more important to measure customers satisfaction and retain more customers.
Every business owner has the fear of losing a BIG customer, but unfortunately for a lot… they don’t realise there are actionable strategies and tools available to help monitor customer satisfaction and identify ‘at risk’ customers early, before they start walking out the door.
Surveway can fully integrate with your systems to provide a seamless” CX” customer management experience programme.


Real Time Mobile Surveys and Reporting

Surveways solution puts the right information in the right hands at the right time.  Organisations can achieve first class field service management performance, enhance products, customer experience, processes, and workforce performance; reduce costs and liability; generate revenue and gain a competitive advantage. All done with our Kinetica software, which can provide tailor made, “bespoke” surveys and reports in real time.

Our cloud based platform gathers data to turn into actionable insights, when you have an incident that happens in real-time, we can trigger a “SMS” to be sent immediately to a nominated person/s so that instant action can be taken to solve a problem before it becomes a disaster!

Full Service 360 degree

Surveway can supply not only the web based “real time”  specialised survey questionnaire and reporting tool, but also the hardware and housing for the tablets with branding, and installation.

Should you require a full research programme, we can supply the research workers and take control of the whole project, from start to finish.

Mass Market and Brand activations linked to research and promotions can all be supplied, and the project managed from start to finish, with hand chosen staff to do the right job for you!


Hire and Keep Quality Personnel with Employee Surveys
Every employee has a voice, but it’s not always heard. If your staff feels undervalued, under-appreciated, or overlooked, they’ll look for opportunities elsewhere. Get insight from your valued employees and hear their opinions when you conduct a staff satisfaction survey

Sales Forces-improve the effectiveness and efficiency
No matter the size of your company, all Sales Reps share one goal: to be a Top Performer. We can help with that.
Instant reporting, flexibility, real time dashboards, sales increase!

Real-Time Insights for Sales Agents

  • The Surveway real time system enables us to instruct, control and measure every project.