The Power of Data for your Sales Team

It has been proven that productivity can increase by 21%, when a mobile sales system is put into place. That’s the equivalent of an extra sales person in a team of five. We also know that the top 25% of sales people (by the number of sales visits made) make twice as many calls as [...]

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The Do’s and the Don’ts of QR Codes for any industry

Driving to the office today I saw a delivery van with a QR code on the bottom of the driver’s door. Hmmm, no one is going to scan a moving vehicle, so don’t waste your time marketing like this. Another bad use of a QR code seen frequently is on a billboard, once again a [...]

Customers in 2020 – What customer intelligence will be most critical?

  Looking ahead into the future can be difficult in our ever-changing business environment. But the future is not that far away, with the year 2020 being just around the corner. In order to get a gauge on what to expect just think of all the changes taking place right now, among B-to-B companies. Customers [...]

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7 Steps to make your employee surveys work

  “Many companies rely on employee feedback surveys to gauge the ‘temperature’ in the business and highlight areas that need improvement. This is an activity that is intended to create a better work environment for employees and improve the overall performance of the business. However, most of these surveys do not deliver the type of [...]

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5 Ways to screen customer feedback before acting on it

Gathering customer feedback is an important step in optimising the service delivery of your business. But this feedback needs to be analysed, pre-processed and cleaned up before you attempt to draw any meaningful conclusions. The first step is to weed out feedback that is aspirational, hypothetical and based on third party statements. After this initial [...]

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Best ways to market with QR codes

Used correctly QR codes offer a cool way for marketers to grab audiences’ attention and target them with optimised advertising. Codes are free to generate, and fun for consumers to scan. At the very least, they can be fun if you follow the best practices for using QR codes in your marketing campaign. Purpose of QR [...]

Why bother with a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customer satisfaction surveys help companies measure satisfaction, identify unhappy customers and find potential advocates. For most companies, customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects. Firstly, they help focus employees on the importance of fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations. Secondly, when satisfaction ratings dip, they warn of potential problems that can affect future revenue. Customer satisfaction metrics assist with [...]

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Get to know your customer better- and get closer to your brand

Know your customer, and your customer will know your brand! Sales and marketing executives need the ability to create unique insights gained from consumers about their brand and then quickly leverage them into action. We build engaging, entertaining surveys, reports and quizzes, giving you the opportunity to get closer to your customer and get deep [...]

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Incident Management Solution

A mobile solution offering incident management within our framework for capturing, recording, and reporting on all types of incidents. Our flexibility of design allows us to deploy it in a variety of forms to fulfill most mobile incident logging requirements. It has three components, a front end capture application, a back end website that provides [...]

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Mystery Shopping Solution

The "ShopandTell"  Mystery Shopping Solution, enables you to monitor the performance of your operations, ensure compliance with standards and procedures and measure the customer experience. All the steps to manage this process in-house are automated with results available in real time. The solution is built on the web based Kinetica CX platform, requires no on-site [...]

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